P.E.N is the online course company that understands the value of education, that’s why all their classes are affordable. Go below to learn more about P.E.N and thier founders.

Manal Shabani and Melissa Shabani started P.E.N because parents and their childern are paying thousands of dollars just to get a decent education.

That’s why we created P.E.N the only website in the world that lets you pay for the single course you need, instead of paying for loads of course you dont need.

Along the way, we are hoping to give access to thousands of course to millons of people for a reasonable price.

We want to be the company that supports you and your child with quality education for less.

Manal Shabani

Manal Shabani is one of the founders of P.E.N, she qualified with 2 masters and 5 diplomas which includes, master degree in educatinal psychology, family counclling for under 5 years old and teenagers, nutrition and nutrition therapy, she worked as career educational advicer for many years. She is mostly taking the Nutrition and Parenting side of P.E.N, she is also offering group and individual counclling online and face to face. She has also helped many parents and children to reach thier full potintal via healing their life, by helping them to find the bright side within them, not just that but she is also using hours from her time by being avalible for PEN clients on a daily schedule.

Melissa Shabani

Melissa is also one of the founders of P.E.N. She may be only twelve but there is a right side on that number. She understands how and what kids want to learn. Not only that she is a young actress, but she had also done six Acting LAMDA exams which she had all passed with distinction. She had also done three LAMDA Public Speaking exams and had past all of those with distinction as well. She has also passed her SATs with 84%.

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